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Media Contact: Patricia Norman, President
Phone: (815) 291-6401

 Freeport, IL – May 15, 2023—Freeport NAACP Branch Recognizes Importance of Graphic Arts in the Black Community

The Freeport Branch of the NAACP launched a graphic design contest “A Celebration of Our Stories” to provide recognition to area artists and promote local events by placing the winning design on t-shirts.

The winning designs were submitted by artist Nathan J. Taylor, a visual artist, painter, graphic designer, and art director originally from Rockford, IL. Nathan graduated from Rockford Auburn High School (CAPA: Creative And Performing Arts and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Iowa State University. Upon graduation Nathan moved to New York City in 2000 to begin his career as an artist and graphic designer at Essence Magazine in New York City, spring-boarding his 20-year career as an art director for many major publications.

“The visual arts can help people understand our history, our culture and our lives in a way words alone cannot always express,” stated Patricia Norman, President of the NAACP Freeport Branch. “We are proud to promote the talent of Nathan Taylor and believe his artistry is not only a gift to the black community, but we believe it offers messages to all.”

Like the winning designs for the Freeport NAACP contest, Nathan’s abstract and figurative works are bold and colorful, fluid lines, with a multi-layered visual texture, infused with imaginative narratives of spirituality, purpose and empowerment. Nathan’s artwork has been featured worldwide on book covers, albums, greeting cards, clothing, magazines, galleries and museums. Nathan has returned to his hometown of Rockford Illinois and continues to work as an artist. His original paintings and prints are available for sale online at:

Shirts with the winning designs are available during specific times of the year:  July -Sept.: Equity and Justice;  Oct.- Jan.: Black History; and Mar.-May Juneteenth. .  To pre-order online at www.naacpfreeoport. For more information on their availability, please email

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