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Are you 18-24 years old, or do you know someone who is, who:

  • would like to find a career that will provide you a good living wage with benefits, without getting yourself in debt?
  • would like to spend some time working outside?
  • wouldn’t mind working overtime for extra money?
  • likes to work with tools and machinery?

If that is who you are, then you should consider a free Pre-apprenticeship Program in Freeport for anyone between the ages 18 and 24 who would like to work in the building trades.

What you are offered:
A 12-week pre-apprenticeship training program this summer that prepares candidates for either an apprenticeship or employment.

Classes: Monday through Thursday from 9AM to 2PM, classroom experience Friday: a workday earning money.

ALL WE NEED ARE THE PARTICIPANTS, to make this go. SIGN UP BY APRIL 15TH, 2022 This program is funded by a government grant to EDDR (Education Design and Development Resource Corporation). It provides training support, designs, and certification curriculum for online and in-person training. This online and in-person training curriculum leads to a certificate of completion that prepares participants for entry into a paid apprenticeship program of their choice. EDDR partners with organizations who can provide hands-on experiences for students. EDDR will partner with Freeport’s local Boys & Girls Club to provide paid hands-on experience for participants. The Club will also help overcome barriers such as transportation, childcare, and/or prior convictions.

To sign up for this program contact: Ted Odendahl at, 815 275 9450 or James Rhyne at, 815 233 1600.

Submitted by the Labor and Industry Committee
Terry Best, Co-Chair & Ronnie Bush, Co-Chair