That’s it!

The NAACP Freeport Branch presented a Comedy Showcase to the local community on Friday, June 10, at Junior’s Place, 1802 E. Shawnee Ave., Freeport. Comedians included: Vickie Lynn of Beloit, WI, Kevin Haas of Rockford, IL., Ronnie Ray of Chicago, IL., with the  headliner, Shawn Morgan of Chicago. Tickets sold for $40 for advanced/special seating and $30 for general admission.

Each comedian provided their individual flavor of humor, and by the responses from the audience, the Comedy Showcase was a big success. Approximately 80 to 90 individuals left the premises with a smile and a huge thank you to the committee for hosting this event.

The committee hopes to make the Comedy Showcase an annual fundraising event.

Joy Sellers serves as chair of the Freedom Fund/Fundraising Committee and LaFrancine Baker chaired the Comedy Showcase Sub-Committee. Other members of the sub-committee included Sharon Williams and Patricia Norman. The event was a fundraiser to support the various programs and needs of the Freeport NAACP Branch.